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Firmware 1.6.18P9 available for Intellinet Network Cameras

Intellinet Network Cameras

Intellinet has released a new firmware for its NSC15, NFC30, NFD30 and NBC30 series network cameras.

New functions and changes:

  • ONVIF 1.02 compliance
  • Updated scheduler now allows turning on and off the IR LEDs (or bright-light LED of the NSC15-WG) based on a schedule
  • DDNS update interval function can now be specified
  • Added authentication for streaming over HTTP
  • FTP path now supports special characters
  • NTP Update problem (cameras sometimes were unable to update the system time)
  • WLAN: Improved stability and ability to reconnect to wireless connections when the wireless network was dow



Supported cameras:
a. NSC15 (524421)
b. NSC15-WG (550901)
c. NFC30 (550949)
d. NFC30-WG (550956)
e. NFC30-IR (550963)
f. NFC30-IRWG (550970)
g. NFD30 (550987)
h. NBC30-IR (550932)

Last update: 2012-07-11 12:07
Author: Intellinet Admin

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