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Problems running the NSC10/11 and 18-WN Network camera on Windows 2000

NSC10  nsc18-wn    NSC11-WN

Windows 2000 users may experience problems with either viewing the camera video via the web browser, or when using the 16-channel viewing/recording utility. First you need to make sure that you have the latest software installed for your camera. The software is available on or If the software is updated, but the problem remains, the cause is likely an outdated Windows 2000 system that is in need of patching.


You need to check and verify the following:

  1. Have the latest service pack (SP4) installed on your Windows 2000 system.
    -> How to obtain the latest Windows 2000 service pack

  2. Make sure that you run the latest version of MSIE for Windows 2000 (which is MSIE 6 SP1).
    -> Download MSIE 6 SP1 from Microsoft

  3. Your Windows 2000 installation is missing the GDI+ update. It is available from Microsoft as a free download.
    -> Download GDI+ Update

Once these things are in place, you should have no further problems connecting to your camera.

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