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IP INSTALLER does not find the camera on the network. Why?

IP Installer Utility

The IP Installer utility is designed to find the Intellinet network camera (see list of supported cameras below) on your network and provides the ability to configure the cameras IP settings and much more. For that to work, the following conditions have to be met:


  1. The camera's UPnP mode must be activated.
    By default, this option is activated. To confirm, login to the camera (if that is possible), open the administrator menu, click on BASIC -> NETWORK -> UPNP and verify that UPnP is set to the value "on".

  2. The UPnP or SSDP Network Discovery Service must be activated on your computer.
    It is possible, that the UPnP / SSDP service is not active on your Windows system. IP Installer relies on this function, however.

    How to activate in Windows XP:

    How to activate in Windows Vista:

    How to activate in Windows 7:

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