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What is difference between a web-smart and a managed switch?

The best explanation would include first placing the web-smart switch into a sub category of a managed switch. A smart switch will not usually have a command line interface (CLI) and will have a limited list of features compared to a managed switch. A managed switch will typically offer cli, telnet, or a web based interface The smart switch will only have a web based interface. A smart switch can typically be used in a network to improve efficiency but can not correct any network problems occurring on the network. Whereas a managed switch should have the capability of reporting network issues as they happen back to the administrator through a protocol like SNMP.

Ideally a smart switch is used to bridge the gap between a dumb switch and a Layer 2 or 3 managed switch at a much lower cost. Many vendors use the two terms interchangeably and this contributes to cloud the original distinction between the two. The first thing you should ask your customer is what features are you looking for, followed by what problems are you having on your network?

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