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How-To: Troubleshoot 3G Modem Connection Problems

Intellinet 3G RouterIn case you are having problems connecting your Intellinet 3G router to the Internet you should refer to the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Be sure to check the information provided here first: How-To: 3G Router Setup

  2. Make sure that your 3G modem is on the compatibility list. The compatibiity list is available on the Intellinet web site on the product page of your Wireless 3G router . If the modem is listed, but you cannot connect to the Internet, continue with step 3, otherwise you may contact our technical support team to find out if support for your 3G modem can be added to the product.

  3. Check the Intellinet web site for updated firmware versions. New firmware versions are made available frequently to add support for additional 3G modems to the product. if a new firmware is available, you need to install the new firmware on your Wireless 3G router, and after the upgrade is completed you have to perform a hardware reset on the router. Once this is done you should set up the router again. If the problems continue, you need to proceed with step 4.

  4. Connect to the router's web admin page (default address, then click on STATUS (top right) and SYSTEM LOG(left). Select the contents of the system log, copy it, and then paste it into the e-mail you will be sending to our technical support team.

  5. Open the following URL in your web browser:
    You will see a screen that has an input field labeled "command". Type in "report.txt" (without the quotes), and then click APPLY. You'll then be prompted to save a file (report.txt). Save the file on your computer.

  6. Contact our technical support team via the web form. Your message should include the following information:
    a) Product model
    b) Firmware version (runtime code) installed on Wireless 3G router
    c) Model and brand of USB 3G broadband modem
    d) Contents from point 4 (see above)

    After you have submitted the form you will receive an email confirmation. Reply to that email and attach the report.txt file obtained in step 5.

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