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The firmware upgrade on the Wireless Gigabit Router (524315) fails

524315 Wireless Gigabit RouterSymptoms:
Certain routers running the 1.59 firmware cannot be upgraded When you start the upgrade, nothing happens. Instead, a JAVA script error appears:

Message: 'wlanMacList' is undefined'
Row: 14
Character: 11
Code: 0

The error is caused by an error in the HTML JScript code of the update page.

Attached ZIP file contains the latest firmware, along with instructions and a special HTML file.



  1. Uncompress the file 524315_upgrade.zip into a folder in your computer, e.g.; c:\524315_upgrade

  2. Verify that you have these files:

  3. Reset your 524315 Gigabit Router to factory default values, or, make sure that the LAN IP address of the router is set to the default

  4. Open your web browser and connect to Login the same way you normally do.
    Note: You must be connected to the router's LAN port. You cannot upgrade the firmware whilst you are connected wirelessly.

  5. Open a new tab in your browser. Open the file "upgrade.htm" from the folder in your HDD (see point 2.)

  6. Click on "BROWSE" and select the file "524315_fw_1.65.bin"

  7. Click "APPLY" to begin the firmware upgrade process.

  8. Allow the upgrade process to finish.

  9. Reconnect to the router at and verify on the status page that the new firmware 1.65 has been installed.

  10. Now, perform a hardware reset via the TOOL -> CONFIGURATION TOOL -> Restore to Factory Default function.

  11. Done.

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attached files: 524315_fw_1.65_special.zip


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