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How can I change the power settings on the High-Power Ceiling mount Access Point 525251?

This access point has two independent power settings.The instructions below are written for the device operating on its default IP address and password.

  1. Main power output control (requires firmware 1.05 or higher)
    The access point has three main power settings: Normal, Medium and High. For the European market this value is set to normal whereas for the North American market and the rest of the world, the high output profile is activated by default.

    In order to change the main power output, you need to
    a) start your web browser and connect to
    b) Log in with username "admin" and password "1234."
    c) Now manually open the URL
    d) Select the power value of your choice and click "Save Changes".
    Global Power Settings

    e) The access point will then perform a restart and will become accessible again within a minute.
    f) Please note that the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) specifies a maximum effective radiated power (transmit power plus antenna gain) of 100 mW EIRP (20 dBm). If you are using this wirelsss access point in the European Union, you have to keep the device at the normal power settings to comply with the regulations.

  2. Sub power control
    The access point allows a finer method of adjusting the power levels than the main power level explained above.
    a) start your web browser and connect to
    b) Log in with username "admin" and password "1234."
    c) Click on "Advanced Settings"
    d) Make the changes are needed and click "Apply".
    Advanced Settings

    e) Click on "Apply" again to restart the access point with the new settings.

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