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What is Wireless N?

Wireless N uses some new technology and changes existing technologies to give more speed and range.

1. Multiple input, multiple output (MIMO)
MIMO uses several antennas to move multiple data streams from one place to another.

2. Channel Bonding
Wireless N uses two separate non-overlapping channels at the same time to transmit data. This technique increases the amount of data that can be transmitted.

3. Payload Optimization or Packet Aggregation
More data can be stuffed into each transmitted packet.

The bottom line is Wireless N will give you more speed at a greater range.
The smart antennas on a MIMO router can hand off reception and transmission dynamically to each other, adjusting for the clearest data path on the fly. This increases both range and throughput at any given distance in an indoor setting, especially in multipath or interference-prone environment.


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